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SunTek Window Tint

We're proud to be a SunTek Window Film installer. SunTek is part of a 100 year old American business that offers world leading products and service. Bespoke Paint Protection makes use of SunTek Evolve Ceramic Film with excellent heat and UV protection that includes a life time material warranty. 

SunTek Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Window Tint

Starting at $199

Two-door roadsters or the family SUV, we offer tint  for every piece of glass on the car with the full range of darkness percentage options.

Increased privacy, style, A/C Relief, and UV protection all with a lifetime material warranty. 

SunTek Ceramic Windshield Tint

Ceramic Windshield Film

Starting at $299

The windshield is usually the largest piece of glass on the car where the most heat and UV rays take their toll on the interior. Ceramic window film even with a very light tint provides over 90% UV and IR rejection to protect your leather/plastics while making it much easier to keep cool in the summer. 

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