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Ceramic Coating Packages

Gyeon Can Coat Ceramic Coating

Level 1 Ceramic Coating Gyeon Q2 CanCoat Evo

Cars/Midsize $749

Trucks/Van/SUV $849

1. Entry Level Polish to add gloss and prepare clear coat surface for ceramic application. 

2. GYEON Q2 CanCoat EVO SiO2 Coating Applied To All Painted Surfaces

Modesta BC-X Ceramic Coating

Level 2 Ceramic Coating 
Modesta BC-X

Cars/Midsize $1500
Trucks/Van/Suv $1800

  1. Single Stage Paint Correction To Remove Light Surface Swirls and Achieve 60% Correction.

  2. The newest Modesta BC-X Ceramic Coating is a 4-6 year coating with exceptional shine, gloss, and hydrophobic properties.

Modesta BC-04 Ceramic Coating

Level 3 Ceramic Coating 
Modesta BC-04

Cars/Midsize $2000
Trucks/Van Suv $2300

  1. Multi-Stage Paint Correction To Remove Light Surface Swirls and Achieve 80-90% Correction​.

  2. Modesta BC-04 Nano-Titanium Glass Coating Applied To All Painted Surfaces.

Modesta BC-06 Wheel and Brake Coating

Wheel Protection 
Modesta BC-06

All 4 wheels $500

  1. All 4 Wheels Removed Deep Cleaned and Ceramic Coated.

  2. Calipers Cleaned and Coated.

Modesta Leather Coating

Leather Coating

Please Inquire for Pricing

LPS-01 and LPS-02 ​

Leather Protection System

Ceramic Coatings: Clients
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